Grow your business with marketing software powered by guest WiFi

Springo is the marketing platform that uses the power of guest WiFi to bring you closer to your customers and help you supercharge your business.

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Springo - What we do - Guest WiFi

The lowdown on Springo

With Springo, responsive marketing that delivers real results for your business begins the moment your customers connect to your guest WiFi.

That’s when a splash page pops up asking them to provide an email address or connect through social media – and it’s also when we can ask them for other relevant information you’d like to have about them, such as their phone number or date of birth. 

That means you’ll never forget their birthday – it’s nice to be nice, after all.

Springo will then use that data to give you insights and information about your customers, so you can make smarter decisions about everything from opening hours to drinks menus.

And using our nifty email and SMS tools, you’ll be able to target customers with brilliant marketing messages about events and promotions, as well as boost your online reviews.

Boom! It really is that simple.

How we do it in 5 easy steps

It’s quick and easy to connect

Let’s grab some data, shall we? It all starts with customer registration.

You can either use our quick and easy splash page, or create your own fully branded registration page, where you can customise the fields. Either way, you’ll get user consent and GDPR compliance all in one go.

Here’s where you can ask them all the stuff you’re dying to know about them, like whether they’re vegan and if they rate your menus.

Guests can register and connect using their Facebook, Apple or Google accounts on a range of devices, making it a quick and speedy process for everyone involved.

Springo - iPhone showing Cafe splash registration login new user screen

Play right into their hands

Did you know that 90% of all text messages are read within 2 minutes? Just like the rest of us, your customers are probably glued to their phones for most of the day, so it makes sense to reach out to them there.

Springo lets you send on-demand or automated SMS messages about special offers, upcoming events and so much more. You can even link to your website or online booking form directly from the text.

And here’s where all that clever captured data comes in – we can target certain customer segments, or send texts to everyone automatically if you like.

Springo - what we do - special offers and deals, Promotions, Booking confirmations, Customer loyalty, Birthday offers, Returning visitor treat, Live broadcasts

Get creative by email

Let’s face it, you love your customers but they’re a demanding bunch, aren’t they? Like everyone, they want more info, they want it quickly and they want it specifically tailored to them.

Springo’s flexible email tools allow you to reach customers with the latest news and promotions from your venue in a super user-friendly, responsive format. Use one of our tried-and-tested templates or create your own fully branded email with our easy drag-and-drop design tools.

And thanks to the data we’ll have on your customers, you’ll know exactly who to target with which emails.

Springo - Automations & Integrations - create and send targeted emails with our online editor

Reach for the stars

Everyone knows if you don’t ask, you don’t get, and that’s why we help you request great reviews from your customers.

Springo knows when a customer has visited your venue more than once, and it can then send an automated email or SMS asking for a review. If they give you 4 or 5 stars, that review gets posted online. If not, you’ll be able to find out more and improve their experience next time. Clever, isn’t it?

As if that wasn’t enough, your Review Snap pulls together all of your online reviews and lets you respond to them quickly and easily.

Springo - Guest WiFi - Boost your Guest reviews with Tripadvisor, Feefo, Trustpilot and Google Reviews

Become a social butterfly

Signing up for guest WiFi shouldn’t be a pain, which is why we’ve made it super speedy for your customers, by letting them register using a bunch of different social media accounts – everything from Facebook to LinkedIn.

That saves them the trouble of entering all their details, but it still gives you the data you need. And it has the added advantage of making it quicker and easier for them to do things like ‘check in’ at your venue and engage with your business on social networks.

All of which means better engagement with your existing customers and new ones – and you can’t argue with that.

Springo - Guest WiFi - Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram
Springo - WebGuard added filter and search secure wifi security

We’re a safe pair of hands, too

Not only can we keep your old customers happy and help win you new ones – we do it all on a safe, secure network.

When guests log on via Springo, they won’t have any access to your internal data or be able to see how other guests are using the WiFi, which means total peace of mind for you and your customers.

And from just £9 a month, you can add on our WebGuard, which allows you to prevent guests from accessing certain types of sites through your network. Don’t want your customers watching naughty videos at the bar? Fair enough – we won’t let them.