Hospitality track and trace. No fees.
No app. No faff.

The hassle-free way to log customer visits.

Track and trace your customers without the NHS app

Another day, another challenge for the hospitality industry. If you’re finding your customers can’t or sometimes just won’t download the NHS track and trace app, you’re not alone.

Luckily for you, we’ve been busy bees over here at Springo – and we’ve developed a snazzy add-on to our software that gives all our hospitality venues free access to our track and trace platform, allowing you to log customer visits in a much simpler and easier way than the NHS app. Oh, and it’s even more accurate – because if your customers use WiFi, we can actually detect precisely when they leave your venue, as well as when they arrive.

Everything you need to know about our Track & Trace in 60 seconds

We could tell you more about our Track & Trace – we’ve got loads to say – but how about we show you instead? Find out what it’s all about in just 60 seconds with this handy video we’ve put together.  

Springo - Video Demo - Man of mobile phone and laptop

So how does it work?

Your customers can log in using any of these methods:

Guest WiFi

By selecting Springo WiFi in their phone’s settings*

QR Code Scan

By scanning your free QR code provided on entry

Entry station

By using a tablet you provide or being signed in by staff

*Please note we always recommend customers use the QR or entry station methods if your venue is in a built up area.

This avoids logging users who could reconnect within WiFi range.

Here’s what’s in it for you..

Multiple login options

From using your guest WiFi to scanning a QR code, we have you covered – and there’s no app download required!

On-demand login check

Worried someone hasn’t logged in? Confirm in an instant by checking your venue logins for live and up-to-date visits.

Staff member contact

If they’ll mainly have contact with one staff member during their visit, enable a field that records who that will be.

Build your database

We ask every customer if we can keep their data so you can get in touch. If it’s a no, we delete their details after 21 days.

Fully online and secure

All the data we gather through our track and trace is backed up and ready for you to access and export 24/7.

Advanced tracking

If you have guest WiFi, we can log the time customers leave your venue, giving you more track and trace detail.


We’re giving all our customers, new or old – full use of our track and trace software for no additional charge until further notice – yep, that means it’s completely free.

Our goal has always been to help the hospitality sector and we see this as one small way we can help out.

When your customers log in, they’ll be asked if they’re happy to have their details saved so that you can get in touch with them at a later date. 

If they say no, their data will automatically be deleted after 21 days – and if they say yes, you’ve just grown your database!

Some of them do! But lots of people don’t trust it, can’t download it because their phone software isn’t up to date, or simply don’t like having the app on their phone. 

Our track and trace solution makes it easy for them to log in at your venue without downloading an app, which means it’s simpler for both you and them to comply with COVID-19 precautions.

Yes, you can display both our code and the NHS app and let your customers choose.

You can either get in touch and we’ll give you a quick demo and show you how to get setup or if your a whizz with tech – just use this link to sign up for free.

Once you’ve filled in all the details and signed up – we’ll send you an email with a password setup link and you’re away to go!

If you need a hand, just click the chat icon and we’ll give you a call or setup a demo.

Psssst… if you want to add WiFi to the mix, ask our team for a free trial

Please provide a few details in the form opposite – it’ll only take a jiffy and then we can put you in touch with one of our dedicated team so we can get you all setup.

Just give us a brief description of your needs i.e. “I have a large venue and need help with track & trace” or, “I have 4 venues and need them all linked up”.

The more you tell us, the more we can help you.