Already have hardware? No problem.

Use your own WiFi access points to open up Springo’s world of connectivity and start growing your business today with our hardware integrations

4 simple steps to get up and running

Springo - Guest WiFi - Choose the best plan and your equipment - Hardware Integrations

Look through our plans and choose the best one for you

Springo - DIrect your WiFi controller to Springo - Step 2 - Hardware Integrations

Direct your WiFi controller settings to your Springo portal

Springo - Guest WiFi - Live Access Point - Step 3 - Hardware Integrations

Restart your equipment and start broadcasting guest WiFi

Springo - Guest WiFi - Login - Step 4 - Hardware Integrations

You’re ready to connect customers and grow your business

Springo - Guest WiFi Access point and presentation case

We don’t work with any old hardware

We’re pretty easy-breezy here at Springo, but even we have standards. If you already have WiFi in your venue and want us to work it, we just need to check the existing hardware is on our approved list for hardware integrations.

We require an online controller and business-grade equipment to ensure a great experience for your guests. See below for the list of suppliers we can work with and don’t forget you can always book a demo to discuss it all with one of our team. We love a bit of hardware chat.

Questions? We’ve heard them all before

Springo currently supports devices from Ubiquiti and very soon Meraki and OpenWRT. 

We’re always adding more, so keep checking back or get in touch if you’re looking for a specific hardware vendor to be integrated.

Yes, it can – no problem at all. Simply access your controller, add in your required access points and save. Once you reset your system, your Springo portal will work across all your added access points.

If your hardware it not currently on our approved list, it may be older equipment and would need replacing in order to be integrated with Springo. All new devices provide a faster and more stable connection using the 5GHz frequency, so upgrading to the Springo access points will boost your connectivity, speed and number of possible concurrent connections. If you prefer to stay with your current manufacturer, speak to our team for options.

As long as all your access points use the same controller, then yes. Indoor 2.4GHz and 5GHz access points – plus all outdoor access points – can benefit from the Springo portal once connected via your controller.

In your access point controller, please ensure you have set up all your required SSIDs. You can then direct the Springo portal to whichever SSID your guest WiFi needs to sit on. Other SSIDs, which you may use for EPOS, staff, music and so on, are then segregated from Springo and your guest WiFi network.

That’s great news – thanks for your interest! Please contact us at and one of the team will be happy to discuss this with you.
That depends on your current controller and what options you have, so please check this first. If you have space on your controller, then yes – you can just add or replace a broken device (as long as it adds to your controller). Depending on your Springo plan, you may also have to upgrade your Springo account.
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