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Yes, you can. We make it easy for you to take control and make this your own. Add your logo, background image, font style, size and colours, button styles, social media and more! This is available on all packages except Ready. See our pricing for more details.

You have complete control of who has access to your guest WiFi via the Springo Hub. Just log in, find the person you wish to block in the Contacts section and select “Block user and devices”. Add the reason you’re blocking them and click “Save” to complete the action.

This person is then denied access to the WiFi and if they try to log in again, they will see a message to say that they do not have access.

To unblock, simply go back into your Springo Hub and click “Unblock” for that user in the Contacts section.

This is a good point – your venue may be closed, but your WiFi could still be active and live for users to access.

To ensure that your guest WiFi is only on during your opening times, just navigate to the Controller that is associated with your venue, edit the day and time settings, and click “Save”.

You will need administration privileges to do this, so if you don’t have them, please contact your sites administrator to complete this task.

You certainly can. From time to time, there may be a need to change one of your customer’s details, such as their name, mobile number or email address. Simply find the user whose details you wish to edit in the Contacts section of your Springo Hub. Make the changes and click “Save” so that their updated details are then available for you to use.


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