Ready to start growing your hospitality business?

If you want to send your business growth stratospheric using the powerful combination of smart marketing, custom automation and secure guest WiFi, there’s no time like the present.

Springo - Email, SMS and whatsapp marketing
Springo - Getting started with WiFi

Your business growth starts here

We don’t hang around here at Springo – and we’re ready to get you up and running immediately. Yep, we really do mean immediately. Like, today.

If you need new hardware to get going, we can get that sorted for you – or if you already have the right kind of WiFi access points with an online controller set-up, you can simply direct your controller to our software and be online in seconds. 

We offer a range of options depending on your requirements – just speak to our team or see our step-by-step guide below to work out which solutions best fits your business.

4 simple steps - getting started with guest wifi​

Springo - Guest WiFi - Choose the best plan and your equipment - Hardware Integrations

Choose the best plan and equipment for your business

Springo - Guest WiFi - Receive your Springo box - Step 2

Receive your Springo box and welcome pack in the post

Springo - Guest WiFi - Connected your Access Point - Step 3

Plug in your Springo box – we’re on hand to help remotely

Springo - Guest WiFi - Login - Step 4

You’re providing secure WiFi and growing your business

4 simple steps - getting started with guest wifi

Springo - Guest WiFi - Choose the best plan and your equipment - Hardware Integrations

Look through our plans and choose the best one for you

Springo - DIrect your WiFi controller to Springo - Step 2 - Hardware Integrations

Direct your WiFi controller settings to your Springo portal

Springo - Guest WiFi - Live Access Point - Step 3 - Hardware Integrations

Restart your equipment and start broadcasting guest WiFi

Springo - Guest WiFi - Login - Step 4

You’re ready to connect customers and grow your business

Springo - Guest WiFi Access point and presentation case

Integrating hardware? Easy

Either use our snazzy equipment or your own existing hardware. Springo works with different WiFi manufacturers, so as long as you have one that can work with our technology, it’s totally up to you.  

Springo - Guest WiFi - Ubiquiti
Springo - Guest WiFi - Meraki
Springo - Guest WiFi - OpenWrt
Springo - Guest WiFi - Zoho CRM integration
Springo - Guest WiFi - Zapier integration
Springo - Guest WiFi - Xero integration
Springo - Guest WiFi - Integrate, Automate, Innovate
Springo - Guest WiFi and loads more

Our marketing is integrated, too

It’s not just Springo’s set-up that can be fully integrated – our marketing tech also works with existing third-party apps, like your CRM system.

And we’ll send all your marketing messages automatically if you want – or you can choose to do it all manually. Either way, we can have it up and going in a jiffy.