Fully automated, fully integrated

Springo’s speciality is making it ridiculously quick and easy to grow your business through smarter marketing. How do we do this? With software packed full of integrations and automations, meaning it’s super simple for you right from the word ‘go’...

Springo - Automations & Integrations - create and send targeted emails with our online editor

Springo does all the hard work for you

We know you probably just want to get on with running your business, which is why we can send all your marketing messages for you – either automatically according to your chosen settings, or manually.

Whether you want to target regular customers or people who haven’t visited for a while, Springo offers a huge range of filters to target your clientele with our automations & integrations.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we can also integrate with any third-party marketing apps you might already have, like your CRM system.

4 incredible automations and integrations

New WiFi guests, new tricks

There’s nothing quite like a juicy new WiFi guest. Springo can do nifty things for them, like send a bespoke SMS or email to all your first-time guests to thank them for their visit a few days after they first sign up to your network.

Want to take the opportunity to reward new customers by incentivising them to visit again soon, or tell guests about your venue’s special offers and upcoming events? This is the perfect time to do that too.

Automated Emails is easy with Springo

Tell your customers you miss them

We’ve already sung the praises of new guests, but let’s hear it for return customers too – they can make up to a staggering 73% of your venue income!

Our automated technology can contact any customers who haven’t visited your venue for a certain period amount of time and encourage them to book a table, tell them about your latest offers or give them a tempting incentive to come back and see you pronto.

Marketing Automations - Attract returning customers with automated SMS and Email messaging from Springo

Shoot for the stars

Love them or hate them, review websites are critical to the success of any business in this industry – that’s why we want to help you get really, really good ones.

Springo can identify customers who’ve visited more than once and send them a text or email requesting a review. Since they’ve visited more than once, you can be pretty sure they like your venue, but just in case, we make sure only to post reviews with more than four stars to your chosen review website.

If a guest gives you three stars or fewer, Springo automatically passes the feedback to you, ensuring only great reviews are left online for others to see.

Requests a review on your favourite review site with SMS messaging from Springo

Time to celebrate?

There’s no better way to win repeat customers than to be timely with your marketing. Plus, who doesn’t like a party?

If you’re a venue suited to throwing parties, we recommend sending a message 10 days prior to guests’ birthdays to invite them to book with you for their special day. Offer them an incentive like a free drink and see if that doesn’t tempt them in.

Alternatively, Springo can send out an email or text wishing your customers a happy birthday on the big day itself. That’ll win you some serious brownie points, plus a whole lot of customer loyalty.

Send an automated birthday message SMS with Springo guest wifi

Questions? We’ve heard them all before

You can slice and dice your captured data almost any way you’d like to – Springo lets you filter your customers by everything from when they last visited to their dietary preferences, and even which device they use.

Yes, of course. If you need to send a special message just once, it’s easy to do. Click here for your online instructions on how to set up and send campaigns from our Resources area.

While you’re running campaigns (for example, an online review emailer), the Springo portal monitors your available credits and will only continue activity if you have enough. When you’re running low on credits, the portal will send you an SMS to warn you and ask you to purchase more. You can also see how many credits each campaign has used, and you can allocate the number you wish to use per campaign to control your budget. Every month you’ll also receive a summary account updated to show your activity for the month.

Absolutely. When creating your campaign or messaging, just select your preferred method – or both. First you’ll create your SMS and then your email. We recommend you make your SMS really punchy with a clear call to action and use the email to give more details, show pictures and provide website links. If you choose to send both, the portal will deduct 1x SMS credit and 1x Email credit per message sent.

You can – and it’s easy to do! Just go to your campaign in the Springo portal, press ‘view’ and it will show you when it was set up, how many credits were allocated (and when they have been topped up), how many messages have been sent and to who, plus so much more – all within your selected date range.

Yes. If you want to create a filter called ‘Male, Vegetarians’, for example, you can – as long as your capture is collecting this data. You can also duplicate the filter to edit and use again to speed up your processes, meaning you can make a new filter called ‘Male, Vegetarians, Visited more than 8 times’ super quickly.

Yes, with the correct Zapier account you can seamlessly connect Springo to your CRM system to create new customer records based on the data you’ve captured.

Just be sure to check your plan to ensure you have Zapier access.

You certainly can. Use your Springo portal for all your SMS, WhatsApp and email marketing to ensure you keep messaging consistent for all your customers – it’s quick and simple to do. Just click here to go to our Resources section with all the latest how to’s and training information you need.

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Springo - Guest WiFi - Zapier integration
Springo - Guest WiFi - Xero integration
Springo - Guest WiFi - Integrate, Automate, Innovate
Springo - Guest WiFi and loads more

Got a third-party app? Get them involved

You’re busy – we get it. That’s why Springo fully integrates with thousands of third-party apps, from CRM software to account systems.

We’ve linked up to Zapier, which means you’ll be able to seamlessly connect all of Springo’s useful tools and features to your favourite marketing and data apps, with basically no effort at all on your part.