Growth software for your hospitality business, fuelled by smarter marketing.

Want to grow your hospitality business?
Silly question. Springo’s clever marketing platform uses guest WiFi to keep your existing customers coming back for more – and it finds you brand-spanking new ones, too.

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Springo - Getting started with WiFi

Get to know your customers.
Like, really know them.

A staggering 61% of hospitality businesses say their biggest challenge is generating customer data.

That’s why our smarter marketing starts with finding out as much information as possible about your customers.

You see, your guest WiFi is so much more than a nice-to-have – it’s actually an essential tool for getting to know your customers. 

Springo lets you capture customer data and generate key insights, which you can then segment and analyse, meaning you can track a ton of metrics about the people who matter most to your business.

Because the more you know about your customers, the happier you can make them.

Everything you need to know about Springo in 60 seconds

We could tell you more about Springo – we’ve got loads to say – but how about we show you instead? Find out what it’s all about in just 60 seconds with this handy video we’ve put together.  

Springo Guest WiFi

We take your marketing to the next level so you don’t have to

Springo uses the customer data it gathers to help you target your newly boosted database with kick-ass marketing that brings customers back for more.

Choose from our ready-made templates or design your own SMS and emails to send automated messages to your customers about events, special offers, menu updates or new products.

You can set everything from welcome emails for new customers to “we miss you” messages triggered by customers not visiting your venue for a certain time period.

It can all be fully branded with your logo and fonts, and it’s guaranteed to reach exactly the right people. You’ll even be able to hit up the customers who are most likely to leave you a good review online and give them a nudge to do just that. Genius.

Springo - Email, SMS and whatsapp marketing

The magic ingredient is WiFi – here’s how to get going

We’ve made it super simple to get set up on Springo – you’ve got a business to run, after all. 

All you have to do is pick the right plan for you and we’ll send you a Springo box in the post, which our onboarding team will set up remotely so it’s all smooth-sailing.

Already have WiFi? No stress – you can use your own equipment with Springo and our team can set it up for you over the phone, too. And we ensure fully secure connections so you’re protected on that front as well.

Springo - Email and SMS messaging direct from your Hub